FPSO FSO and Oil Rig Jobs

FPSOs (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) are floating vessels where oil is processed and stored, ready for transportation. They are usually located near an oil platform and are more common in regions where no pipeline infrastructure is setup. They are also referred to as FPUs or Floating Production Units.



Floating Production Storage Offloading big events coming up in the FPSO industry are the FPSO Congress. The FPSO Congress will present the FPSO forecast on the Floating Production Storage Offloading Industry. This will affect the Shipyards, Yards, Builders, Offshore Production companies, Deepwater Exploration companies. The FPSO Congress and annual events like the FPSO Summit, FPSO Summit Asia are good places for companies involved in the FPSO FLNG FSO industry or those dealing with deep water, topside fabrication, SE Asia FPSO, FPSO operators companies to attend. The FPSO Congress will be filled with knowledge for understanding FPSO, FPSO Design, FPSO Selection and FPSO Health and Safety, FPSO related Training. Deployment of FPSOs, Integrity of FPSOs, conversion of FPSOs, commissioning of FPSOs.


Typical companies in the FPSO world and that will attend events like the FPSO Congress are SBM Offshore, Sevan, Bumi Armada, Teekay Petrojarl, MODEC, SOFEC, BW Offshore, SBM Offshore, Petrofac Production, Petrobras, Catcher Field, Catcher FPSO, Kraken FPSO, Teekay Petrojarl, Yinson Production, CNBC, C-Level Power Panel, Rubicon Offshore, MISC, BP, Shell, Stones FPSO, ConocoPhillips, Total, Kaombo Project, Chevron, Rosebank, Premier Oil, Tullow Oil, Talisman Energy, ONGC, Eirik Barclay, CEO, YINSON PRODUCTION, Hassan Basma, CEO, BUMI ARMADA, Thyl Kint, CTO, BW OFFSHORE, YINSON PRODUCTION, PETROFAC PRODUCTION, RUBICON OFFSHORE , EMAS OFFSHORE, SHELL, PETROBRAS, PREMIER OIL, Atlantic FPSO Development Group, MODEC, OIL AND NATIONAL GAS CORPORATION INDIA, APACHE ENERGY, CONOCOPHILLIPS INDONESIA, SBM OFFSHORE, APACHE ENERGY, TALISMAN ENERGY, TULLOW OIL, SAPURAKENCANA PETROLEUM, BP ANGOLA,EXXONMOBIL , TEEKAY PETROJARL AS, M3NERGY, PETROFAC, FPSOs, PETRVOVIETNAM TECHNICAL SERVICES CORPORATION, BUMI ARMADA, Project Management Floaters, MISC BERHAD, MODEC, SEVAN MARINE, TECHNIP, BW OFFSHORE, Keppel Shipyard, Stones FPSO. Lets have a look at some upcoming companies in the FPSO arena



Maersk is traditionally known as container vessels and not so much for FPSOs but they have a division called Maersk FPSOs. Maersk FPSOs was established in 1995 from Maersk Contractors and within A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. Maersk FPSOs is headquartered in Copenhagen. Maersk FPSOs has the vision to be Best in Class in terms of FPSOs and the FPSO market. Maersk FPSOs believe in Safety and at Maersk FPSOs safety comes first. Maersk FPSOs has 1 Floating Storage Production Storage (FPSO) and 1 Floating Gas Storage Offloading (FGSO). Maersk FPSOs operates the Floating Production Storage Offloading vessels in demanding environments like North Sea.


SBM Offshore

SBM Offshore is positioned at the top end of the FPSO market. SBM handles some of the largest and most complex FPSO.SBM first FPSO was for Shell (they produced an FPSO for Shell). To date they have done over 30 FPSO projects world wide. SBM prides itself with extensive FPSO conversion track record with SBM in-house FPSO engineering as well as their pre-approved FPSO technical standards approved by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). SBM has produced new ultra deep water FPSO. These FPSO are larger in size than traditional FPSOs. Some of the FPSOs are FPSO Cidade de Paraty and FPSO Cidade de Ilhabela, installed offshore Brazil in 2013 and 2014 respectively. The FPSO Cidade de Ilhabela is the largest vessel in SBM Offshore’s fleet. SBM has more than just these few FPSOs they also have the FPSO Turritella under conversion and this will be the deepest operating FPSO in the world. SBM has more than eleven FPSOs and two FSO’s with a further three FPSO vessels under construction.



MODEC is another FPSO FSO company. It has been around in the FPSO market for many years now. As FPSOs and FSOs have become one of the primary methods for many offshore oil and gas producers to extract oil and gas in regions around the world. An FPSO (Floating Production Storage and Offloading) is a floating production system that receives fluids (crude oil, water and a host of other things) from a subsea reservoir. Almost all FPSOs are ship-shaped and are moored by means of a turret. Whether internal or external turret for the FPSO would be determined by the location of the FPSO and the environment that the FPSO is operating. In environments where the FPSOs operate which have cyclones or hurricanes, the FPSO would have mooring that is capable for disconnection. So that the FPSO can be taken away from harms way and the FPSO returned to the location after the storm. FPSOs have been serving the offshore oil and gas industry for nearly 30 years. MODEC has been in the FPSO industry of years now. And MODEC is known as one of the FPSO leaders in the FPSO market.





SEVAN is another FPSO company in the FPSO industry. Sevan has done a number of FPSOs and has typical FPSO configuration from accommodation, process decks just like any other FPSOs. It has been involved the FPSO Piranema Spirit, FPSO Hummingbird Spirit, FPSO Voyageur Spirit and Sevan 1000 FPSO for Goliat.


Teekay Floating Production Storage and Offloading

Teekay has been in the FPSO industry and the FPSO market for some time. It wants to be known as a FPSO market leader in and for FPSOservices. Teekay has been providing FPSO and FPSO solutions to companies that are in the Oil and Gas Producer categories. Teekay has been dealing with FPSOs for more than 30 years now. Teekay in the FPSO industry has been known as the largest independent operator of FPSOs in the North Sea and the fourth largest leased operator for FPSOs in the world. Teekay has about 10 FPSOs. 6 of these FPSOs are in the North Sea, 3 of these FPSOs in Brazil, and 1 FPSO under construction. Some of the FPSOs are FPSO Petrojarl Knarr, FPSO Petrojarl Cidade de Rio Das Ostras, FPSO Petrojarl Banff, FPSO Petrojarl Foinaven, FPSO Petrojarl Varg, FPSO Petrojarl 1, FPSO Cidade de Itajai Siapem Siapem in the FPSO market Siapem is another famous FPSO operator/owner. It has done extensive work in the FPSO market. It has the FPSO Cidade de Vitoria. This FPSO was formerly the vessel T/T Margaux. The FPSO conversion happened in Dubai Dry Docks UAE. The FPSO is a typical FPSO. With the FPSO hull at 337m length and the FPSO breath. The FPSO can store crude storage of 1,900,000 bbls. The FPSO has a FPSOmooring system of 18-leg spread mooring. (this is what keeps the FPSO at the location where the FPSO is supposed to be).  This FPSO was converted around 2005-2006


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